How does AMI Fan Banner™ work?

The Fan Banner program is designed for Universities, Pro Sports Franchises, Pro Sports Leagues, College Teams, College Sanctioning Bodies, Endurance Events, Non Profit Causes, Ski Resorts, and so much more.


How does it work?

We design and build a custom Fan Banner web link and site for your team using your colors and logos. That link is placed on your web site.

A fan then has the ability to order a personalized pennant banner, displaying their name, team and the date they became a fan. They place the order through the secure e-commerce site and the Fan Banner arrives at their door 14 days later.


What Does it cost?

There are no costs involved to you or your organization, no handling, or production hassles. It all happens through the Fan Banner web site and fulfilled by AMI Graphics, out of Southern New Hampshire.

Fan Banner

What is a Fan Banner?

Fan Banner is 16"x22" hanging pennant, which includes a dowel and hanging decorative rope. We offer a standard vinyl pennant for $25.00. There is a $6.95 charge per banner for shipping. Paid for by the fan. This will covers shipping anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.


How does it benefit my organization?

A royalty is paid to your team or organization on every banner sold. Each month you will be provided with at statement outlining all the Fan Banners sold and your earnings. A commission check will be sent directly to you.


How do I promote Fan Banner?

We have the Fan Banner program up and running on many professional sports teams and universities across the country. They are promoting the AMI Fan Banner™ product offer through their own channels, i.e.; booster clubs, in-game announcements, season ticket holders, and email.