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Chicagi Wolves Examiner

Want a special way to show your favorite AHL team's pride?

January 21, 3:25 PM Chicago Wolves Examiner Ashley Wright


I was doing a little research today for an article on the Allstar game, which is being held this weekend, and I ran across an ad on the AHL homepage I could not resist clicking on. Being a true die-hard fan of the Wolves I have found it so difficult to find creative team items for sale anywhere. As much as I love the selection in the team's official shop , there was never anything really special that just jumped out at me.


On to my find, there is now a web-site that offers personalized AHL fan banners that you can not only put your favorite AHL team logo on, but also your own name and how long you have been a fan of that team. I think it is an absolute must have for any true fan of the AHL! For one PERSONALIZED banner, all it will cost you is $25.00 for a vinyl banner or $40.00 for a cloth version. Me also being a fan of the Chicago Bears and Chicago Cubs, I know first hand that most items that can be personalized do not come cheap. I have included the picture of the sample "before personalization" banner that they have on the web-site.