How do I promote AMI Fan Banner™?

Once your Fan Banner site is live, it is time to get the word out. We want to help you with this anyway we can. This launch is a partnership between AMI, you and your fans! Here is how we can help and make some suggestions on what has worked elsewhere.

Product Samples

Fan Banner samples for you to display in and around your athletic facilities.

Fan Banner Samples


We will provide four, free, 4'x8' Fan Banner promotional banners to display at games.



We can supply small 2"x5" Fan Banner flyers to pass out on game days.


Game Day PA Announcements

Sports Fans…The University of ------ Athletics Department is proud to announce a new product called Fan Banner. Fan Banner is an e-commerce product that allows fans, athletes, and alumni the ability to commemorate and personalize there affiliation with ------ sports. You can order your Fan Banner now at, just look for the Fan Banner link.

pa announcement

Broadcast Email Campaigns

Email campaigns can be a cost effect way to reach your target audience. Simple text emails stating "You can order your personalized 16"x22" team pennant Fan Banner now at, Commemorate your Affiliation with ----- Sports." or more visaully appealing html emails will get your message out.


Who do you target?

  • Season Ticket Holders
  • Current & Past Athletes
  • Students
  • Boosters
  • Sponsors
  • Local Youth League
  • Player Families
  • Box Holders
  • Coaches
  • Staff
  • Anyone who sits in a seat!
Fan Banner

AMI Fan Banners